Mobile Top-Up

What is Mobile Top-Up?

Mobile Top-Up is a service that allows you to send credit to any mobile phone in the world. It is fast, simple and reliable!

How fast does the Top-Up get to the Phone?

Top Up is normally received instantly after a successful purchase. However, on rare occasions, if the mobile operator of the prepaid number you selected to recharge is experiencing delays, then the Top-Up could take up to 12 hours.

What do I do if my top-up has not been applied?

Top-Up is usually applied to a phone number within a few seconds and we will always send you a confirmation email when the top-up has been successfully processed. However, on rare occasions, if the mobile operator of the prepaid number you selected to recharge is experiencing delays, then the Top-Up could take up to 12 hours. If your top-up hasn't been applied to your phone within 12 hours, contact our Customer Care team and we would investigate the cause for the delay and, if needed, raise the issue with the operator.

What can I do if Top Up is sent to a wrong number?

Unfortunately all transactions are final. Once the top-up is sent to a phone number, it is available for use immediately; hence it cannot be refunded or removed from the phone. Please always double check the number you enter.

Will the top-up still get through if the phone is roaming?

Yes. The top-up will be delivered to the phone anywhere it is in the world.

How much credit can I send?

Once you enter the phone number you want to send credit to, you will be prompted to choose between different credit values. Those values depend on the mobile operator attached to the phone number you're sending credit to.

Why can I not send top-up to the number I want to?

To make sure customers are not charged for unsuccessful transactions, we always check in advance that the number can receive the top-up. Where it can't receive top-up, we won't take your money. Please always check that the number and the mobile Operator logo shown after inserting number is correct.

What are the available payment methods?

We currently accept VISA credit cards, VISA debit cards, VISA Electron cards, VISA Delta cards, MasterCard debit cards, MasterCard credit cards, Maestro debit cards, PayPal and InstantTop Wallet is also available for most services and we are continually working on adding more payment methods.

Why is my payment/credit card not being accepted on your site?

There are various reasons why you may experience difficulties with your payment or card. The most common issue is that your bank is not allowing us to process the payment/card. In this case you should contact your bank to understand and resolve the issue. We also apply some limits to the number of top-ups customers can send in a day - waiting a day can sometimes resolve this issue. If you are still having problems, contact our Customer Care team and we will do all we can to assist you?

Why do I have to pay tax in the country where I am sending top-up?

In many countries the local sales tax must be paid where the product is consumed, just like if you bought the top-up from a store in that country.

Why am I charged a secure online processing fee?

This represents part of the charges which we must pay in order to process your card as safely and securely as possible online.

What is Wallet For?

Wallet is another means of Payment on InstantTop. Also cheaper transaction fee.

How do I use Wallet?

Simple! You can use your Visa/Debit Card to put money in your wallet and use the money you have in your wallet to buy Top Up at your convenient time. In as much as you have money in your wallet. You don't have to enter your card or banking details or remember all those passwords when using wallet.

Why can I not change my email address?

The email address you register with is how we identify you and keep record of your transactions. It is not possible to change this so you would need to create a new account with your new email address.

Does the recipient know who topped them up?

The recipient is notified every time they receive a top-up. Customers also have the option of sending a personal message to the recipient, in nearly all available countries. However they will not know who has sent it unless you inform them.

My Account

Is my account information safe?

All information transmitted between yourself and InstanTop is done through secure protocols (SSL); one of the most widely used and safest security protocols available on the web - you will see it used at all leading sites including www.instanttop.com.

Why does my card billing address have to be the same as my instanTop account address?

Your address details must match your card billing address to ensure that it is your credit card and to help with the card processing.

Are you going to charge me again in the future for something I don't agree with?

Not at all, we only charge you at the time of the transaction (after you have entered your card details). There are no follow-up charges/recurring charges or anything else. Before submitting your details we state the total amount which you will pay and proceeding with the transaction at this pointis entirely optional. This is the only charge you will ever see from InstantTop.

How does Turbo Recharge in the transaction history work?

We keep a record of all the transactions you have sent. Click the Turbo Recharge button to send the same value again to the same number.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password please go to lost password under the log in box there is a 'Forgot Password' link. When you click on this you will be asked for the email address that you have registered with InstantTop. We will send instructions on resetting your password to this email address.

I reset my password but did not receive the email?

If the email isn't in your inbox we suggest looking in the spam/junk mail folder. If the email isn't in those folders and the email was sent successfully to you from our site then it may be that your internet service provider is blocking the emails from coming through and you must contact them. Unfortunately we do not have the facility to reset your password ourselves as this must be done from your email address for security reasons.

I have signed up but have not received my activation email?

If the email isn't in your inbox we suggest looking in the spam/junk mail folder. If the email isn't in those folders please email us (support@instanttop.com) from the email account you used to register with InstantTop and we will activate your account for you.

What should I do if I see unauthorised charges on my card from InstantTop?

InstantTop do not have access to customer card information and this information is fully secure. InstantTop will not make unauthorized charges on any customers account. If you see unauthorized charges that refer to InstantTop you should contact your bank immediately and notify us on unauth@instanttop.com as it is likely your card has been compromised elsewhere.


What are you doing with the data i provided?

You will keep those on our servers located in the Unites States and we commit to the Safe Harbours rules. One of those rules is to not share your information with any third parties without your consent.

What are you doing with my credit card information?

We do not store any credit Card information. Once you complete your transaction your credit card information does not stay on our server.

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